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Volunteer Services


Clayton Valley Village offers a unique one-stop shopping approach to our members. When you call our office or submit a Service Request through our website, your request will be evaluated to see whether a volunteer can help you or whether you need a professional service provider such as a plumber, landscaper, or services for home care. Volunteers, many of whom are your fellow Village members, will provide basic services such as transportation to a medical appointment or to one of our educational programs, simple home maintenance tasks like changing the batteries in your smoke detectors, or calling each day to check in with you. 

One of the things we hear from our members is that they don't think about putting in a service request because they can usually do most things themselves. One of the reasons to join Clayton Valley Village is to use the services of our volunteers to help you with tasks around your home and yard. Here is a sample list of things that volunteers could help you accomplish: 

  • Light yard work

  • Install smoke detectors

  • Help organizing an office or garage

  • Help rearranging furniture

  • Hang pictures or mirrors

  • Fix or replace a hinge or door knob

  • Flip bed mattresses

  • Take down or put up a curtain rod

  • Replace light bulbs

  • Lubricate doors

  • Replace heater/refrigerator filters

  • Install shower head

  • Paint mailbox

  • Replace a door screen

  • Replace toilet seat

  • Replace toilet tank flapper

  • Adjust toilet tank water level

  • Replace doorbells

  • Change smoke alarm batteries

  • Make a thermostat work

  • Set up TV, cable and garage remotes

  • Reset an irrigation timer

  • Tighten garden hoses

  • Reset breaker box or GFI…once

  • Help with computer issues

  • Repair a drip in an irrigation line

  • Lift heavy boxes

  • Move patio furniture

  • Pot plants (in pots, not in ground)

  • Install solar yard lights

  • Help setting up and taking down Christmas decorations

  • Bring things down from attic using pull-down ladder (with second volunteer)

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