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Videos of the Village Movement

Village Movement California 

Check out the values, mission and services offered to older adults across the state by the 43 California member villages.

The "Nightly News" series called Trading Places features stories from the NBC News family, and how we help care for our aging parents. This story features Brian Williams' in-laws, who are part of a movement rejecting the idea of moving late in life to a retirement community or an assisted living facility.

Laguna Beach Seniors is reaching beyond the walls of the Susi Q to provide programs, services, and advocacy that help us live safely in our homes and in the hometown we love. Preferably forever.

It Takes Villages: Judy Willett at TEDxBoston:

"Were they going to wait for the government to create a better way for them to age? Absolutely not." Nearly 12,000 Americans turn 65 every day, the majority of whom aren't ready to leave their homes. Judy Willett discusses a common sense "neighbor helping neighbor" approach that started in Beacon Hill and has grown into an international Village movement that's making it possible for elders to continue to flourish in the communities in which they love to live.

The Power Behind the Village Movement:

PBS NEWS HOUR: How More Americans are "Aging in Place"

The average American over the age of 65 will need roughly three years of long-term care, on average, according to government estimates. To get that care in a nursing home costs about $72,000 per year. But from D.C. to Massachusetts, Minnesota to California, Americans are devising innovative plans to help more people save money and stay in their homes longer. Here are a few examples.

It Takes a Village | IN Close

For many aging seniors, a retirement home can feel like an unfamiliar and undesirable place to live. Fortunately, there are many new programs that allow seniors to receive help while living at home. The Village to Village network is one of these.

Aging in America: Crisis in Long-Term Care

There are currently about 40 million Americans over the age of 65, and those over 80 are the fastest-growing segment of our population. Rita Braver reports on a group of seniors who have banded together and found a way to make their golden years not just affordable, but truly "golden."

Lamorinda Village Member 

shares how and why he became involved in Lamorinda Village.

Marin Villages 

celebrate their members who are 90 years and older. Listen to a few members tell their stories.

Westside Pacific Villages 

Older adults deserve to stay in their homes and and engaged in the neighborhoods they love. Our volunteer-led organization makes that possible for seniors in our community. Come join us. Become a member or volunteer for Westside Pacific Villages today.

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