Clayton Valley Village Lunch & Learn Virtual Zoom Events

In adjusting to the COVID-19 Shelter in Place requirements, Clayton Valley Village switched from "in-person" events to virtual events. These events are free and open to the public. Shown below are videos of our virtual "Lunch & Learn" events.

Decorating Designer Birdhouses with Judy Disbrow (Oct. 23)

This is a "Lunch & Learn" presentation sponsored by Clayton Valley Village featuring Village member, Judy Disbrow, who takes us through the design process she uses to make her beautiful birdhouses and small Christmas ornament birdhouses. She includes the products she uses and where you can purchase the products and various supplies.


The scammers are out in full force and targeting our money and personal information. There are new scams cropping up daily, especially directed at retirees! Micki Nozaki, Director of California Health Advocates Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Program presents a slideshow about the newest scams and schemes and how you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

The SMP program is a federal, grant-funded program through the Department of Health and Human Services providing fraud prevention education throughout the state. Prior to assuming her current role, Micki spent 25 years in the private sector.  Micki is very passionate about protecting older adults and persons with disabilities from being victimized by criminal fraudsters and scammers and asks that we all do our part to protect those most vulnerable among us.

Travel Tips for Seniors (July 30)

Our speaker for this Lunch ’n Learn is Mariana Behdjet. Born in Romania, Mariana lived in many countries before coming to the United States in 1965.  She ultimately started working as a part-time travel agent in Oregon in 1980 while her kids were still in school.  When she and her family moved to Clayton, she started full-time at Clayton Valley Travel in 1984, and became the owner of the company about 12 years ago.  As an accredited and bonded agent, she continues to assist travelers from her home office. In this enjoyable and informative presentation she talks about ways to safeguard your passport, credit cards and money, the best way to exchange money, how to travel with medications, how to cope with unexpected delays, how to tip, and so much more!

Lunch & Learn: Straw Bale Vegetable Gardening (6/4/20)

Our speaker for this Lunch ’n Learn was once again Master Gardener, Ken Studer. He covers the history of straw bale gardening and why using straw bales is a great way to grow vegetables. He gives detailed instructions on how to condition the bale before planting, the methods of planting, watering, maintenance and fertilizing.

Topics Covered      


Straw Bale History 

Why use straw bales

Conditioning of bale before planting

Methods of planting

Watering, maintenance and fertilizing 

Trellis and harvest

Our First Virtual Lunch & Learn: Container Gardening (5/21/20) 

Enjoy Clayton Valley Village's ZOOM “Lunch ’n Learn” presentation featuring CVV Volunteer and Master Gardener, Ken Studer. Ken's timely talk and demonstration covers the best practices for potting and repotting outdoor plants for container gardening. His talk covers these three areas: (1) Choice of pots & containers, (2) Soil: its structure and necessary nutrients, and (3) Choice of plants: thrillers, fillers, and spillers.


(EDITOR'S DISCLAIMER: The first 10 minutes of this video was shot incorrectly, so very grainy still pictures were inserted in place of the actual video. The information in that first 10 minutes is extremely relevant to the presentation, so please bear with the graininess of the still photos until the 9:45 minute mark when the live video begins.)

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