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Our Mission & Vision

To create and sustain a network of
Community Volunteers and Seniors
working together to offer Members
the services, activities & programs they
need to remain active and independent
in their homes as they age.

The simple fact is that, as we age, we may need more support. Household tasks such as changing a smoke-alarm battery become difficult. Driving may become an issue, or the need for daily check-ins may arise. Sometimes a life-changing event, like an accident or sudden illness, may create the need for more help. Now, with Clayton Valley Village you won't have to confront these obstacles alone. You can stay in your home with the support you need.

We believe by helping one another we
can make the world a better place.
We do this by meeting the needs
of our members through our services,
programs, social events, referrals
and by providing a caring, supportive

and inclusive environment.
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