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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there age restrictions for membership? 
Our village welcomes anyone who is 50 or above.

Can I buy my parents or someone else a membership?
Yes, you can give a gift membership to your parents or to anyone else.

Why should I join if I’m active and healthy right now?
Most members join as a form of insurance.  Membership provides you with peace of mind that you know where to turn should the time come, perhaps suddenly, when you need a little or a lot of help in order to continue living in your own home.  As a member of Clayton Valley Village, you can be assured that you have a supportive community when you need it.  Many of our members join because they value being part of a mutually supportive community and are actively interested in volunteering their services to others.  Some members who volunteer discover new social connections in the neighborhood and beyond.  For them, the community self-help aspect is the most important reason for joining.

How does Clayton Valley Village’s service requests work?
When you sign up for service (in the Members Only area) a Clayton Valley Village volunteer will establish contact with you to work out arrangements.  We strongly recommend at least 3-5 business days notice. We cannot accommodate same day requests. There is no charge for these volunteer services.

Do I have to become a volunteer when I join?
No, you don’t have to become a volunteer.  Our screened volunteers are all ages and come from our local community.

If there is an emergency, how do you help?
Clayton Valley Village is not an emergency response service.  During a medical emergency, members should call 911 or their doctor.  When you fill out a service request, Clayton Valley Village can help with follow-up needs at home.

Are there other Villages in the Bay Area?
There are nearly 400 functioning Villages throughout the country. Click here for a list of Bay Area Villages.  Click here for a full nationwide list.

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