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Welcome to our local village movement.

Villages are grassroots, community based organizations. Clayton Valley Village is one of about 400 villages and part of the national Village Movement. Villages began about 15 years ago with the Beacon Hill Village in Boston. This movement is now on fire with baby boomers and seniors coming together to create a new kind of future for ourselves.  The concept of villages offers an opportunity for seniors to stay in their own homes for as long as possible and offers communities a network of services to support their aging population. Sometimes it takes just a little support, an occasional change of our light bulbs or ability to join close to home social, exercise or educational programs, to be able to stay in our homes as we get older.  For others daily checkins are important to feel safe and for others occasional support with meals, a pet, organization of our paperwork, or computer/cell phone coaching would make life easier.
When Clayton Valley Village opens we will be a membership based, nonprofit organization.  We are in development now and run by the CVV Task Force. Our village will provide people with a supportive network as we age right here in our beautiful town of Clayton and surrounding areas.  We will provide referrals and discounts to services that already exist but are often little known. In addition we will develop and offer new programs & services using resources and talents that exist within the community. We are currently looking for people with an expertise or a desire to work in Fundraising, Programs and services, Events and Outreach.
  * Do you want to join in the planning phase?  Contact us at:  to discuss various ways you can participate
  * Do you want to attend an event?  Contact Sonja Wilkin at:  Or, see the Events Tab at the top of this page.
  * Do you have a talent or expertise you are willing to share when the village opens?  Contact Sue Manning at:
  * We graciously accept donations.  Contact Joanne Wasak at: for more information.
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We appreciate your interest in this community endeavor and invite you to join us in helping make it a reality.  From offering your input, to sharing information at a booth, to working on a committee or making a donation --we welcome your participation.
Feel free to contact any of us with your questions or comments.
Maria Kontras-Xiaris
Chair, The Clayton Village Initiative
CVV Task Force
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